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Figure 4

From: Longitudinal changes in HIV-specific IFN-γ secretion in subjects who received Remune™ vaccination prior to treatment interruption

Figure 4

Correlation between VL and HIV-specific responses. A significant reduction of 0.44 log10 unit occurred from TI#1 VL plateau to TI#2 VL plateau (p = 0.004) and decreased 0.48 log10 units from TI#1 VL plateau to TI#3 VL plateau (p = 0.055). Despite this, no correlation was evident between VL improvement and either the increase in the magnitude or the breadth of HIV-specific immune response; VL improvement is the difference between the TI#1 and TI#2 VL plateau; increase in the magnitude is the difference in SFCs between TI#1 and TI#2; increase in breadth is the difference in the number of epitopes recognized between TI#1 and TI#2.

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