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Table 1 HLA class I restricted peptides used for IFN-γ ELISpot assays

From: A phase I, randomized study of combined IL-2 and therapeutic immunisation with antiretroviral therapy

Peptide Protein Sequence HLA-restriction
g1 p17 (71–79) GSEELRSLY A1
g2 p17 (77–85) SLYNTVATL A*0201
g3 p17 (20–28) RLRPGGKKK A3
g4 p24 (217–227) ACQGVGGPGHK A11
g5 p17 (84–92) TLYCVHQRI A11
g6 p17 (28–36) KYKLKHIVW A24
g7 p24 (35–43) EVIPMFSAL A26
g8 p24 (16–23) SPRTLNAW B7
g9 p17 (74–82) ELRSLYNTV B8
g10 p24 (197–205) DCKTILKAL B8
g11 p17 (93–101) EIKDTKEAL B8
g12 p17 (24–31) GGKKKKYKL B8
g13 p24 (131–140) KRWIILGLNK B27
g14 p17 (36–44) WASRELERF B35A
g15 p17 (124–132) NSSKVSQNY B35A
g16 p24 (122–130) PPIPVGDIY B35A
g17 p24 (174–184) AEQASQDVKNW B44
g18 p24 (83–92) VHPVHAGPIA B55
g19 p24 (108–117) TSTLQEQIGW B57B
g20 p24 (176–184) QASQEVKNW B57B
g21 p24 (15–23) ISPRTLNAW B57B
g22 p24 (32–40) FSPEVIPMF B57B
g23 p17 (92–101) IEIKDTKEAL B61
p1 RT (309–317) ILKEPVHGV A*0201
p2 RT (179–187) VIYQYMDDL A2
p3 RT (485–493) ALQDSGLEV A2
p4 RT (341–350) IYQEPFKLNK A11
p5 RT (158–166) AIFQSSMTK A11
p6 IN (179–188) AVFIHNFKRK A11
p7 RT (448–457) RETKLGKAGY A29
p8 RT (392–401) PIQKETWETW A32
p9 RT (18–26) GPKVKQWPL B8
p10 RT (175–183) HPDIVIYQY B35A
p11 RT (156–164) SPAIFQSSM B35A
p12 RT (432–441) EPIVGAETFY B35A
p13 RT (203–212) EELRQHLLRW B44
p14 RT (397–406) TWETWWTEYW B44
n1 nef (180–189) VLEWRFDSRL A2
n2 nef (73–82) QVPLRPMTYK A11
n3 nef (75–82) PLRPMTYK A11
n4 nef (84–92) AVDLSHFLK A11
n5 nef (128–137) TPGPGVRYPL B7
n6 nef (90–97) FLKEKGGL B8
n7 nef (13–20) WPTVRERM B8
n8 nef (135–143) YPLTFGWCY B18/B49
n10 nef (186–193) DSRLAFHH B35A
n11 nef (74–84) VPLRPMTY B35A
n12 nef (116–125) HTQGYFPDWQ B57B
n13 nef (92–100) KEKGGLEGL B61
  1. Peptides were identified from the NIH HIV Molecular Immunology Database website [50]. References for each peptide are also available at this website. RT (reverse transcriptase antigen), IN (integrase antigen). AHLA B35 is associated with rapid progression in HIV-1 infection. BHLA B57 is associated with slow/non progression in HIV-1 infection