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Table 1 Adherence of peripheral blood CD14+ monocytes to roller bottles and static flasks*

From: A new approach for the large-scale generation of mature dendritic cells from adherent PBMC using roller bottle technology

Condition CD14+ (%) CD3+ (%) CD14- and CD3- (%)
Pre-adherent PBMC 14.6 45.4 40
Flask: Post-adherence 2 59.5 38.4
Roller bottle #1: Post-adherence 2.2 55.2 36.4
Roller bottle #2: Post-adherence 2.1 56 41.9
  1. *PBMC isolated from a normal donor buffy coat donor were incubated in T-175 culture flask or 450 cm2 roller bottles for 2.5 h. The roller bottles were rolled at low speed (1 rpm). The non-adherent cells were isolated and stained along with a sample of the original PBMC for CD14 and CD3 expression. The percent CD14+, CD3+, or CD14-CD3- cells are shown before (pre-adherent PBMC) and after the adherence protocol.