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Table 1 Vaccination and Immune Protection: HLA-DQ8/human CD4 Transgenic Mice

From: Vaccine based on a ubiquitous cysteinyl protease and streptococcal pyrogenic exotoxin A protects against Streptococcus pyogenessepsis and toxic shock

Vaccination1 Challenge Survival2
SpeA (L42R) 100%
SpeA (L42R)-SpeB (C47S) 100%
Adjuvant only 0%
  1. 1Vaccinations at 0, 2 and 4 weeks (3 doses) with 10 μg of SpeA (L42R) or SpeA (L42R)-SpeB (C47S) in adjuvant or adjuvant only.
  2. 2Percent mice surviving wild-type SpeA challenge, 5 LD50 per mouse 2 weeks after last vaccination. 5 mice per group SpeA (L42R) and adjuvant only control; 4 mice for SpeA (L42R)-SpeB (C47S) vaccination. Experiments were performed twice with identical results.