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Figure 7

From: Evaluation of recombinant invasive, non-pathogenic Eschericia coli as a vaccine vector against the intracellular pathogen, Brucella

Figure 7

Recombinant invasive E. coli vaccine vector induces specific CTL response. Inv-hly E.coli vaccine vectors expressing B. mel ORF BmeII-1097 antigen (B7), GFP antigen (GFP), or no antigen (Empty), were used to immunize mice along with a negative (PBS) control. Splenocytes were isolated and used against target RAW macrophages expressing either GFP (Raw/GFP) or B7 (Raw/B7). Data demonstrate that CTLs generated by the E. coli vaccine were specific to antigen expressed by the vaccine. *GFP vs GFP and B7 vs B7 specific cytotoxicity were significantly greater (p < 0.05) than non-specific controls.

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