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Welcome to the Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines (JIBTV)

This new journal is dedicated to all aspects of therapeutic applications of immunology. From the likes of Jenner to Salk, vaccinologists have been able to translate immunologic approaches into substantial public health benefits [1]. With greater understanding of basic immunopathogenesis new approaches to vaccines have now been developed which hold promise for preventing many life threatening diseases in the future [2]. In spite of such progress, little is known about the specific immunological mechanisms involved in protection for efficacious vaccines. Further work in this area promises to optimize vaccines in the future. Immune based therapies (IBTs), in contrast, are at an earlier stage of their evolution. However, progress is being made rapidly and in areas such as autoimmunity, cytokine based therapies are already replacing the standard of care [3]. In addition, antibody and cellular based IBTs are witnessing a renaissance [4, 5]. Similar to vaccines, the immune correlates of IBTs' therapeutic action are incompletely understood. Immune based therapies, including therapeutic vaccines, hold the promise of complementing existing therapies and in some cases providing more selective action and less toxicity than current therapies. Thus, in this rather large area of expanding knowledge, there will continue to be new insights into areas related to immune based therapies and vaccines.

Because of the rapid developments cited above, there is a need for a journal that is focused solely on immune based therapies and vaccines. This area encompasses many different disciplines as immune based therapies and vaccines are now being developed for infectious diseases, transplantation, cancer, allergic diseases, and autoimmune diseases. The goal of this journal is to provide an objective peer review process conducted by those knowledgeable in the field while not impeding the publication of important insights into the state of the art. The clear advantage of this journal is the rapid dissemination of quality scientific work that can be fully accessed via the Internet utilizing open access, which allows researches access to research without the necessity of a subscription. Accepted articles are also cited in PubMed. As your colleagues have full access to this journal, published articles should provoke additional scientific hypothesis, thereby advancing the field. Thus, the editorial board is committed to assisting you to help make the Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines an important database for information pertaining to therapeutic immunology. We welcome your original research, reviews and commentaries to this journal.


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